Saturday, March 14, 2009

Butterfly Launch Day?

When I was out driving today, I noticed a lot of small objects dive-bombing through the air. Too small for hummingbirds ... too big for mosquitoes ... yes, they were little butterflies, flitting down the road, narrowly missing my windshield.

I remember noticing this phenomenon last spring. It might have lasted about a week. But I swear, they weren't there yesterday!

The butterflies seem to come in little flurries -- or is it flocks? packs? gaggles? -- of about ten or so. At a guess, I'd say I was passing through at least a hundred butterflies per mile.

But where do they all go? If we had this many full-size butterflies veering through traffic, it would get pretty tough to see. It seemed like they might be traveling east. So is Victorville some kind of butterfly commuting hub?


Stephanie Newton said...

The monarchs come through here on their way to Mexico, I think. We have tons of them late summer and fall. Right now I don't have butterflies, but there are a bajillion tadpoles in the pond behind the house that will be singing frogs in a few weeks! :)

Anonymous said...

monarchs come through here, OK, later in the year. I seem to remember them last year when visiting my m-i-l in St. Louis, April, maybe. Aren't butterflies angels?!

Sierra Donovan said...

Yes, and their arrival that Saturday a couple of weeks ago was really striking! I think that must have been the very day they hatched, or took wing. I've seen some scattered here and there since, but not in such masses.

And they're getting bigger. I think they probably are monarchs. They flit by so quickly it's hard to tell -- especially while driving! -- but even when they were smaller, they seemed to have a red/orangish tint.