Friday, March 06, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

... or, why you may start thinking twice about reading my blog!

1. My favorite drink is milk with about 1/4 coffee added. Really.
2. Ever since I became a mom, happy endings in a movie turn me into a sniffling sap.
3. I can still get embarrassed remembering some stupid thing I said in first grade.
4. I can twitch my nose. Not as well as Elizabeth Montgomery in BEWITCHED, but I've tried.
5. My husband is a songwriter and musician, and I love the music he brings into our home.
6. I've been almost halfway done knitting a sweater for about 3 years.
7. I don't follow sports, but I still love baseball, thanks to all those Dodger games I watched with my mom.
8. I started writing a Dark Shadows script when I was ten.
9. My first (unfinished) book was a romantic vampire novel.
10. I'm half German on my mother's side.
11. I'm part Cherokee on my father's side, which he used to claim explains the red in my hair. Huh?
12. I love to read, but I buy books way too fast to keep up.
13. When I was eight years old, I wanted to marry Johnny Cash. (He was a lot younger then, too.)
14. I've gone parasailing.
15. I just finished using a can of baking powder that was dated May 1996.
16. Fall colors are my favorite.
17. I once pet (petted?) a full-grown, live tiger.
18. When I was a teen, I wanted to be Erma Bombeck when I grew up.
19. It freaks me out when people suck helium out of balloons.
20. I still think Cary Grant was the handsomest man ever invented.
21. Johnny Depp and Hugh Jackman, take heart. You're almost as good and you're not dead.
22. I used to think doing my very own laundry would be a thrill.
23. Before my boy was born, I wanted a girl.
24. Before my girl was born, I wanted another boy.
25. When I got the opposite of what I wanted, I was overjoyed both times.


Anonymous said...

#21--ROFL! And honey, was that baking powder still good? :)

Please keep blogging. You're writing is delightful.

Sierra Donovan said...

Hee! I never realized how old the baking powder was until I bought a replacement can and saw they'd changed the shape and size slightly. Then I flipped the old can over, and voila.

I wouldn't have knowingly pushed the expiration date that far ... I don't THINK....

But I never had any problems with the things I baked! And I haven't noticed any difference in the muffins I've made with the new powder compared to the old.

Thanks for the encouraging words -- a compliment from you means a lot.


Anne McAllister said...

Ah, a woman after my own heart! Can't decide whether I agree more about Cary Grant or Hugh Jackman or the Dodgers. I'm on board with the baking powder, too!