Friday, September 22, 2006


Okay ... deep breath ... time to start the clock ticking on my latest wip.

I'm participating in Trish Wylie's "Book With Trish" workshop, and I've decided to poke my head up and post my progress. I'm on Chapter One with approximately 17 out of 200 pages written ... the trouble is, those last three pages keep asking to be re-written. I'm still in the early stages of defining the hero, heroine and their conflicts -- but doggone it, they WILL figure out what to say to each other!

I've set up a challenge for myself because my heroine is very different from the ones I've written before. I guess that's because I've usually started creating my heroines from the inside out. I've thought of a situation, then conceived the character to put into it -- and okay, I'll admit it, her reactions are similar to the way I would respond if I had her situation and background.

Christie, from LOVE ON THE AIR, is similar to me, but younger, spunkier, more ambitious. Meg, in MEG'S CONFESSION, is similar to me, but a LOT more self reliant, because she's had to be. Lindsay, from my yet-to-be-sold Christmas book, contains a lot of my uncertainties....

But not Yvonne.

Yvonne is the heroine's friend in LOVE ON THE AIR. I needed a co-worker, started typing, and she just turned around and walked right off the page. I saw her so perfectly from the outside -- now is my chance to get IN there and see what makes her that way!

She's beautiful and she knows it, but she doesn't make a big deal out of it -- she's got too much to do. Unlike my other heroines, she's the kind that wears high heels and paints her nails on a regular basis. Even though she's got to redo the polish every couple of days because her hands are busy, and that polish gets nicked up, which drives her nuts. However, she could NOT be bothered to go to a salon and pay money for acrylic nails.

And of course, a different heroine demands a different type of hero. HE's been proving himself much harder to write!

How much do your heroines resemble you? Do they share any of your weaknesses? Do they have strengths you wish you had? 'Fess up, now....


Carol Hutchens said...

I agree, Yvonne walked right off the page.
It should be interesting to see how you deal with someone you made so different from you...she was great, btw.
I'm doing the Trish W. workshop, too. I noticed you 'cast' Yvonne as Catherine Zeta...I have to tell you, when I read LOTA, Yvonne jumped out at Jennifer Lopez! She was so really did well with her.
As to my casting...since you asked...I really try not to do me...but I must not be very successful. One comment about my excerpt mentioned that the heroine's job leaned toward 'old fashion' [it was a very kind comment, mind you] but it got me think about how different things are for today's 26-35 crowd...which makes it very difficult to write, IMO.

Great question, Sierra.


Carol Hutchens said...

PS...thanks for making the changes...I tried to post on your first comment, but couldn't.


Carol Hutchens said...

Sorry, brain is like a seive...I forgot to mention that I posted some of "Ellie's" quilts on my sight. I remember you ask about pics a few months back...


Sierra Donovan said...

Thanks Carol! Those quilts are gorgeous ... I especially love the one with the leaves.

For anyone wondering where to find them, they're in the Photos section at (I tried to post a link, but I guess the code won't post here!)