Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Clearance

Have you noticed? Summer's over.

It ended about two weeks ago, at least as far as most stores are concerned. Time to blow out those needless bathing suits, beach towels and flip-flops.

Never mind the fact that here in the High Desert, we're in the midst of the year's first full-blown heat wave. 109 degrees? Must be a figment of our imagination.

I know, it's a well-worn rant. Still, why is it that stores can only stand to have current seasonal merchandise for about two weeks before they usher in the next season? It must work out all right for the retailers, or they wouldn't do it. But really, who buys this stuff? I've seen Valentine candy for sale the day after Christmas. Christmas decorations on display right across from the Halloween aisle. And of course, right now, fall is busting out all over.

I'll admit to a sneaking fondness for this one, however. In Southern California, where summer looms hot and long, it's nice to look forward to the promise of snuggling up indoors. A time when warmth is something to be enjoyed, instead of a blazing sun to cower from. Fall is the season of home and hearth -- of scented candles, pumpkins and rust-colored pillows.

But when they bring in those pastel shades the first week of January, I want to smack someone.

Maybe we all have a built-in resistance to living in the present. We like looking forward to what's around the next corner. When we're not doing that, we're being nostalgic. Just turn on the radio and notice how many of the songs are oldies.

What's the answer to this perversity? Do we embrace the summer heat? Or give in and start stocking up on sweaters?

Me, I'm hiding indoors with the air conditioning.


Stephanie Newton said...

I love summer until about August and then I'm ready for fall. Of course it doesn't really get cold here until after Christmas usually, but the weather is soooo nice.

Right now I'm embracing summer. I'm home and spent a good hour outside. Feel like myself again after being stuck in a hotel all week last week!


Jennifer Shirk said...

Uh, yeah. School clothes are all around in the stores now.
But, hey, I just got a great deal on a bathing suit that I can still use this summer. :)

brenda minton said...

I'm embracing 'now' and refusing to buy anything that has to do with snow, ice or 20 degree weather. BUT I don't mind those clearance racks with everything 70% off!!

Sierra Donovan said...

I'm happy now. I love the fall colors! (Our trees, however, won't really change much until November.)

curtissannmatlock said...

Are you only going to blog once a month? You missed a month. Get busy, girl.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, and giving me to the prod to get over here. I guess we are both busy girls. You are so right about the human resistance to live in the present.


Holly said...
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