Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Today is my day for Career Week at my son's 6th grade. My husband's talk was yesterday. You'd think a disc jockey would draw a lot of interest, right? Well, most of the kids looked glassy-eyed, a far cry from the DELIGHTFUL class I spoke to 2 years ago when DS was in 4th grade. Still, I wasn't worried yet. My first experience was so positive....

Then DS and I were talking yesterday afternoon about the kids signing up for today's Career Day topics. They talks are going on in 4 different classrooms at once, so for each time slot, the kids have a choice of 4 career talks.

DS said, "I picked you. It was hard. There's a dog trainer the same time as yours."


And later: "I think four kids signed up for yours. Me and Michael and two girls."


This doesn't mean I'll be talking to only 4 kids, which would be bad enough. It means I'll be talking to the 4 kids who wanted, at least marginally, to listen to me ... and probably about 26 listless hooligans who really wanted to see a dog trainer, only the dog trainer talk was full.

I'll let you know how it goes … if I ever return….


Carol Hutchens said...

Yay, Sierra!
Proud of you. Those Career Day slots are hard to entertain...been on the other side, very impressed you volunteered!


Carol Hutchens said...

About yesterday's post...sorry, I forget about your blog... anyway, I'm curious to hear about Yvonne's 'hero'...who did you pick????
What's his name????
What does he look like?
Come on...tell! To me this is one of the most fun parts of writing.